O'Pen Skiff Mainsheet Ratchet Block

Tahe Outdoors SKU: 65-31331
O'Pen Skiff Mainsheet Ratchet Block

O'Pen Skiff Mainsheet Ratchet Block

Tahe Outdoors SKU: 65-31331
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O’Pen Skiff Mainsheet Ratchet Block

The O’PEN SKIFF MAINSHEET RATCHET BLOCK is the OEM replacement block for the O’Pen Skiff. Formerly known as the  O’Pen Bic. O’Pen Skiff part # 31331.

What O’Pen says about the Skiff:


The O’pen BIC sailing dinghy is a breath of fresh air for junior sailing. Based on a modern skiff concept, the O’Pen BIC is very fast, very simple, and very FUN to sail! The self-bailing open transom hull is rapid and responsive, with a modern rig that’s rugged and versatile. O’pen BIC offers kids a small beginner sailboat that teaches the skills, balance, and reflexes so they can progress to other modern, high-performance and Olympic Class equipment. Hundreds of sailing clubs around the world have adopted the O’pen BIC, for a new, fun way of teaching and inspiring kids for sailing.

What’s the bottom line about the O’pen BIC? Kids LOVE them.


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