Murrays Race Half Harness w/bar

Murrays Sports SKU: 30-0201
Murrays Race Half Harness with spreader bar
MMurrays Sailing Race Half Harness with spreader bar
Murrays Marine Race Half Harness with spreader bar
Murrays Race Half Harness with spreader bar sailing harness
Murrays Race Half Harness with spreader bar - butt bucket

Murrays Race Half Harness w/bar

Murrays Sports SKU: 30-0201
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Murrays Race Half Harness with spreader bar

The Murrays Race Half Harness with spreader bar is perfect for recreational sailors and racers alike looking for a light weight, comfortable half harness. The Murrays Race Half Harness is a seat harness designed specifically with the Catamaran sailor in mind. The Murrays Half harness features internal battens to provide an amazing amount of back support with a low profile harness. This Butt Bucket style harness is fitted with the Magic Marine quick release spreader bar.


- Wide sizing range: Size 2-42
- Quick release buckles for easy on and off without changing the adjustment settings on the waist and leg straps.
- Neoprene buckle covers to keep all the straps contained
- Anti Slide Seat Panels: We have reinforced the seat with TuffGrip patches to prevent sliding and add durability to the seat
- Padded with 3/8" closed-cell foam: Does not retain water.
- Padded leg straps offers support and comfort advantages.


More Notes on the Murrays Half Harness

Back by popular demand, Really! Harnesses discontinued in 2005 only because we lost our local supplier. After years of search,
we found our new local supplier right here in Carpinteria.

Starting Point: Murray Race Half Harness
* Light Weight & comfortable
* Quick & Easy to wear and adjust.
* Battens provide back support superior to most full harnesses.
* Side Release waist strap buckle for quick open/close and adjustment. (Compared to ladder lock buckles)

Improvements in 2018/19
* Harness seat area has "shape" to SIT in. More of your weight is supported by sitting and less by waist and leg straps.
* New neoprene POCKETS contain and store excess waist strap material **
** Note: See video or instructions how to finish strap ends to reduce excess strap and clutter.

* One size fits most from S/M to L/XL (26 in to 42 in)
* Standard 10" spreader buckle fits most adults M & L.
* Use 4", 6" or 8" buckles to fit Small sizes
* Use 12" spreader buckle to fit XL**
** Note: Wider buckle may be more comfortable for hiking out, but extra (too much) buckle width can get in the way and may cause bruising
of forearms when reaching across in front to reach the control sheets.

Instructions to finish strap ends:
Straps included with harnesses are intentionally long because they are easy to shorten and difficult to lengthen. Suggest that you do not cut until you determine amount of strap you need.

To determine:
* Put on your maximum, cold water sailing apparel.
* Put on harness and adjust all straps for proper comfort, fit and support.
* Evaluate strap lengths needed. Allow for adjustment to allow easy to wear & removal.
* Extra strap length can be (should be) tucked back through buckle thereby securing straps under buckles and eliminating "loose ends".
* Cut off extra strap with a hot knife or cut with scissors and then seal webbing ends with heat. Cutting straps at an angle makes inserting straps into buckles easier.

***Photos with model do not include the Magic Marine Quick Release Spreader Bar that is now included on the harness**

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