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Flysurfer Peak 5 Foil Kite

Flysurfer Peak 5 Foil Kite: Single-Skin Concept
Riding Style: Freeride, Touring, Progression, Light Wind Hydrofoil, Snow
Skill Level: Beginner - Expert
Sizes: 2.5m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 11m and 13m

This single-skin concept combines our passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable. The best light wind handling and backstall resistance let you set off with ease. Be always prepared for emergencies due to its reliable depower and the B-Safe system. After its activation, you can also use the system for self-landing or take a relaxing break at any time. The pack size allows you to carry several kites in your backpack and react to sudden weather changes. This quick turning, ultra-light kite has an incomparable area of application. Choose it as an incentive to make courageous decisions in life and start your next adventure!

TX-Light Single Skin Concept
The single skin concept has high lift profiles and a very efficient depower. Reducing its weight to a minimum brings advantages in stability, drift and light wind handling. Single skins allow the use of our B-Safe system and absorb hard impacts. The excellent longevity of these kites is not only due to the concept but by their material. High ageing and tear resistance, three ripstop threads and enormous rigidity at only 33g / m² make the TX-Light the perfect fabric. The leading edge consists of 44g / m² DLX + fabric which better protects against abrasion and sharp-edged objects. Every material optimizes a specific area of the kite. Every fabric is optimized for its use, from UV-resistant surfaces and air-impermeable coatings to absorbent properties to improve airflow when wet.

Hybrid Wingtip Technology
The Hybrid Wingtip Technology consists of two self-inflating cells on each side of the kite. The openings are protected with mesh material to prevent the entry of snow or dirt. Both wingtips have our proven drainage system. The more efficient aerodynamics allow for tighter turning with constant pull, as well as increased backstall resistance. Through that, the wingtip is only flapping when you depower the kite. The bar feedback is considerably improved. The kite feels sporty and gives you a confidence-inspiring feeling.

B-Safe System
The B-Safe System is a (extra optional Y-) line configuration that slides along the B-level through eyelets. After activating the quick release, the bar moves 3 m up on the 5th line. The kite is reefed horizontally in the middle and reduces the wing span to a minimum. The kite comes down gently and flags out. After reactivating the quick release system, you can launch the kite through the power zone. The B-Safe System is ideal for self-landing or for taking breaks.

Camber Trim System
Bridle levels of the kite are controlled by the mixer, a pulley system which modulates the angle of attack and the profile camber. The mixer features the two-ring camber trim system. Moving the rings changes the relationship between the B or C level relative to the A level. The profile of the foil kite can be trimmed to be either flat or curved.

Drifting Ability
"The drift wonder is a real enrichment for every kiter and gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. The FLYSURFER Peak 5 Foil Kite is the first choice of experienced mountaineers and adds infinite value for kite instructors. The characteristics of the single-skin concept make it a secret weapon for any enthusiastic foiler.

The 5th generation of the PEAK impresses with:
Excellent handling
Impressive stability
Efficient depower
Strong pull
High security
light weight and small pack size
Great stall resistance
Easy take-off and landing

Developed for daring expeditions, discovered by ambitious freerider and perfectly accessible for every beginner. Climb every mountain... your next adventure awaits! "

PEAK 5 package Includes:
Flysurfer PEAK 5 Foil Kite
Set of B-Safe Top Lines
Repair Kit
Kite Safety Guide

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