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Murrays Hobie 16 forestay 1/8" Black
Murrays Hobie 16 forestay 1/8" Bare
Murrays Hobie 16 forestay 1/8" white


Murrays Sports SKU: 002-0244-00
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Hobie 16 Forestay 1/8" Wire

The Murrays H16 Forestay 1/8" is made to factory specs. This forestay is the original, non-aussie, design was standard through the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  This system connects at the top to a short Hobie 16 Upper Forestay and a Jib Halyard Block and attaches to a shroud adjuster at the bottom where it meets the bridles. This system is completed with the standard Hobie 16 Wire Jib Halyard.

Back in the 70's and 80's the original Hobie 16 mast step featured a fully horizontal mast base. This system utilized a shorter forestay and did not allow for as much mast rake as the current system.  The current style mast step features a slant that allows for more mast rake and requires a slightly longer forestay. The Murrays 1/8" Hobie 16 forestay is a compromise of the newer spec and will work with either mast step system, you may increase your rake by adding an additional shroud adjuster at the bridles.

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02-0244-00 Bare (compare to Hobie Cat® #20810021)
02-0244-01 White (compare to Hobie Cat® #20811011)
02-0244-02 Black (compare to Hobie Cat® #20812011)

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